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Oz The Great and Powerful

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OK I am not exactly a movie or TV buff. In fact when I woke up the morning I saw this film I would have called anyone a liar who told me I would see it by the end of the day. So the story goes with much in life every now and then you get a completely unexpected tender morsel for contemplation.

For those who may not know this story tells the tale of how Oz in the original film came to rule. In fact for IP related reasons it would be more correct to say that they are both based on the book.  I am not worried about spoiling the story because we all know how it ends. They did an excellent job of weaving recognizable imagery from the original film. James Franco seems naturally suited to the womanizing, half-shyster carnival magician. Rachel Weisz steals the show with her performance. The sheer radiance that is Michelle Williams also plays nicely as Glinda but this is not a movie review. I would hope that this would be read AFTER having seen the film.

Have you ever wondered if you were “good enough” or even “good”? Good enough to be this or do that, to take the leap of faith. Or just plain good in general? I know in my life too often when presented with real opportunity instead of accepting the possibility without hesitation I find this tendency to recoil into the same old pattern of thought and behavior. Why is this? The longer I draw breath I believe it is not a fear of not being good enough or not being good but a fear of being that which everyone sees in you and doing more harm than good. It is so terribly easy for those in positions of influence to allow their respective egos to run rampant.

This film really drove home several key ideas that I think anyone living a conscious life should take note:

  1. You will never be exactly the person you think you should be in all aspects of life.
  2. You will never be exactly the person whom others think you should be in all aspects of life.
  3. You will be put in situations where everyone is looking to you for guidance and you are just as unsure as anyone else.
  4. In situation 3, factors 1 and 2 must not stop you!

We are all shyster’s and con-men every time we blow up our ego to fend off anyone or anything that should try to knock us off our precious pedestal of illusion. Furthermore life is not a pretty package with a bow on it. It is a wild beast that at times provides smooth riding but then as the inevitable storm comes it can turn into a bucking bronco that is all we can do to just hold on.

It seems that the older I become the more I find myself in the position of feeling like everyone is looking at me to “make something happen”. I would say in nearly all situations this dynamic arises you will never be the wizard everyone was expecting… But you just might be the one they need!

“You just have to make them believe” – While individuals will be cease to be, ideals and values live on in the hearts and minds of everyone. Sometimes it takes a “wizard” to wake us up to this possibility. In reality the wizard only shines a light back illuminating what was already there lying dormant in each of us. The possibility of creating something better not only for ourselves but for everyone we come in contact.

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March 21st, 2013 at 9:37 am

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