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DIY HDTV Antenna For Under $10 and the future of visual media

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We have all had the moment…

Here is my beauty!

Here is my beauty!


Why is it that I pay my cable or satellite provider $60 or more a month for programming that 80% (at least in my case) was free to be had over the air (OTA)?

I had that moment a couple of years ago. I tried every manner of antenna that was available from my local retailers and was extremely dissatisfied with the results. Part of the problem is that I live in a very small TV market who’s major service area is 10-15 miles or more from our affiliates’ towers. I found this awesome HDTV Antenna video on You Tube and have never looked back. I am now able to pick up all the local channels very clearly (and a few outside the area).

Coat Hanger Antenna Video (“original”)

Coat Hanger Antenna Video (“improved”)

I made a base out of 2 additional small pieces of 2X4’s with shelf brackets for a stand. I have no female to tell me how ugly it is in my living room but it could easily be put in a closet or attic (even with a rotator if you want to get really fancy). You definitely DO NOT want to put this guy outside, it won’t last long! If you have any questions or problems making your own antenna please let me know! Also if you just want to buy one see if this one fits the bill if not I would check out this one from antennasdirect.com. These can be used indoor or out. But the price point is a bit steep for me especially for the antennasdirect one!

With the success of streaming services like HuluNetflix, and HBO and products like Roku and Apple TV, all potential players in this revolutionary re-write of the media landscape are jockeying for position in this shift we are seeing from broadcast and physical media to on-demand methods of consuming media. Its going to be an interesting drama that we will see played out in the near future. Let’s just make sure that we the consumer stay educated enough to keep the multinationals from getting anymore of our hard earned dollars that is necessary!

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December 4th, 2012 at 10:56 am

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