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Hello and Welcome!

The bulk of the purpose of this blog is as of yet unknown. I have had this domain for a good while for email and giving my imminent MS graduation and more clear vocation focus, it seemed a fitting time to “go public.”

My current job is the Systems Administrator for the Computer Science department at UNCW which I enjoy very much. It allows me the ability to experiment with the relative latest and greatest both in terms of hardware and software. I also have a strong drive in research in the area of what is becoming known as the “data sciences.” I am fairly sharp but readily acknowledge there are many much smarter and more knowledgeable. What I do have that I think allows me to play in this space is my 10 years of varied experience in the industry and a passionate curiosity / visionary focus on what’s next.

I also have a wide array of interests and passions that I am sure I will write about as time progresses. I mainly want this to be a place that I can voice my thoughts and encourage positive / constructive feedback. I do my best to respect everyone regardless and expect the same in return. Civility is my only requirement and to that end I reserve the right to not respond / remove comments that do not fit in my estimate that moniker.

It is my sincere hope that this be a fun and informative place that helps forge beneficial ties in my life, both personally and professionally.



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November 27th, 2012 at 7:37 pm

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